T H E   I S S U E 
copy pasted templates
Issues of The Daily Texan looked consistently identical on a day to day basis because we used a template that was easy to follow and train news staffers, but fell short when it came to enhancing our storytelling. 
Dominant stories (at the top) received little real estate on the front page, while secondary stories received larger art.
T H E   s o l u t i o n
Art direction
After spending a few semesters observing the intricacies of daily news production, I discovered areas where design could play a larger role in the planning of art. I later learned that this structural vacancy could be filled by the position of an art director. 
After spending a semester of doing online research and reaching out to art directors of other student newspapers, I pitched the importance of an AD's role to our managing editor. And here I am now.
When photos, illustrations, and infographics are planned at the inception of story pitches, art becomes an integral component of storytelling.
The 5% Project
Role: Page design, art direction
Photos and illustrations by Daily Texan staff

DACA Timeline
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